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A SoundCloud client for your desktop

Listen to SoundCloud® from the comfort of your desktop. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate through your music. Be more productive.
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Listen to your favourite tracks and playlists without a browser

Stop searching for that lost SoundCloud tab, just use this desktop app instead.

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All the keyboard shortcuts and integrations you need

We integrate with native media shortcuts aswell as touchbar, MPRIS & windows media center because skipping tracks shouldn't be a hassle.
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Easily discover new music by listening to charts & related tracks

SoundCloud isn't always the most intuitive to navigate. But it has great music. Easily navigate through our simple UI to discover new music.
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Everything is open-source and easily extensible

The project has been written in Typescript and written in such a way that new features can easily be added. So hack away and submit a PR.

Feature or bug requests

Please let us know if you found a bug or want to request a feature. We'll try and get to this as soon as possible. If you know how, I highly encourage you to look at it yourself.


Latest release: v2.5.4 - Released at: May 24, 2020

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